5 Reasons That Make the Omega Watch Brand a Cut Above the Rest

5 Reasons That Make the Omega Watch Brand a Cut Above the Rest

A luxury watch goes a long way from time-telling to boosting self-confidence. It also gives people a sense of accomplishment by treating themselves with functional accessories that they cannot afford instantly. If you’re looking for your first luxury watch, fashion experts and watch collectors recommend this famous brand.

Omega Watches Over Other Watch Brands

As a premium watch brand, Omega watches hold an impressive history among others. It conquered the moon, sports arena, and even the Hollywood scene. Omega watches continue to manufacture quality watches since 1848 and have since belonged to the top 10 wristwatches people want to have as part of their overall outfit and collection.

1. Intricate Designs and Mechanics

Each luxury watch brand has its signature design styles and impressive models. Omega watches boast its quality, from the elegant artistry on their cases to the comfort their straps provide. It goes even further to their micromechanics that even resulted in the creation of the Omega Caliber movement.

They continued to level up their co-axial movement in 2007 and launched the Caliber 8500. Today, watch enthusiasts continue to be in awe of the models with the Caliber 8500 for its top-notch mechanical efficiency and low friction. Omega watches also provide a sleek and smooth secondhand movement, removing the dreaded loud ticking sounds from quartz.

2. Some Timepieces Are Only for You to Enjoy

Before purchasing your Omega watch, you need to dive a little into their models because you might land yourself with limited editions. Omega spends time creating exclusive designs that are only manufactured in a limited number. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get yourself a unique Omega watch model.

You can freely customize your selected watch on their website and create one suitable for your design preference. You can mix and match colors and straps from metallic to leather for an extra price. Nonetheless, you will have a personalized watch that suits your fancy.

3. Hot Picks From the Second-Hand Market

Compared with other luxury watch brands, several second-hand Omega watches are being sold online, and you may just grab your hands on vintage models that are not reproduced today. Their prices are lower than the latest models, and some are even sold with great discount deals.

However, buying second-hand Omega watches can be tricky for non-experts’ eyes. Its famous brand name also comes with several counterfeits in the market that closely mimic Omega watch designs and signature looks. Aside from the silent secondhand movements, there are many ways to spot what’s real or not.

Ensure the Omega logo and brand are attached as pieces of metal to the dial. Next, check the date. Luxury watches used specialized cyclops to magnify the date number. Finally, verify the serial number. Always have a smartphone connected to the internet with you. Quickly review the serial number on Omega’s website to confirm before you purchase anything.

If you can afford more than second-hand prices, you can get your hands on a few affordable Omega watches. De Ville, Aqua Terra, Constellation, and Speedmaster models have their fair share of reasonably priced watches for the ordinary person. Dive deeper into their latest releases and find one that fits your budget.

4. Owned by Successful Men and Women

One reason that keeps Omega watches as one of the most chosen luxury watch brands globally is their well-known owners in different fields, starting from Michael Phelps, Daniel Craig, and Cindy Crawford. Reviews are also a significant factor in Omega’s success, and NASA’s consistency with their watches has leveraged the brand’s popularity among its customers.

Aside from outer space and Hollywood, Omega continues to prove its quality to the world by being the Olympics’ official timekeeper. From 1932, Omega continued to serve athletes around the world with accurate timekeeping until today.

5. Ages Like Fine Wine

Omega watches have long produced several models for more than 100 years, and most of their vintage models are sold at higher prices. Each model is known for its rich milestones, and whenever a historical watch is being auctioned, bidders take prices to a higher level.

Recently, an Omega watch set a new record at the Phillips Geneva Auction when bidders went as high as 408,500 USD for the ‘Broad Arrow.’ Previously, bidders went for an Omega Speedmaster sold at 275,508 USD during an auction in Sweden. That’s how much watch collectors are willing to spend for high-quality vintage Omega watches in excellent condition.


Are you sold on purchasing an Omega watch? If not, take a deep dive into its exquisite models online, and you will find great names, milestones, and even reviews that will just make you proud of having an Omega watch on your wrist. Get a customized model or a vintage one today and reward yourself with a high-quality luxury watch.

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