My best friend essay for different levels

My best friend essay for different levels

A best friend is one of the most precious gifts of God. In this world, it is hard to find excellent and wise friends. But those who have a wise friend are the luckiest in the world. They share our secrets they help us out at the time of need they made us feel happy they also help us in learning things and in studies, in short, they are the part of our family.

Here you will find “My best friend essay” / “my favorite friend” OR “Essay on my best friend” for primary secondary and higher secondary levels.

My best friend essay | Primary Level

80 words essay on my best friend

  1. My best friend’s name is (name required).
  2. He helps me in every problem of my life.
  3. He is my best friend since we were in class ___.
  4. He lives near my house and we also do homework together.
  5. I also take part in the school’s competitions with my best friend.
  6. We always play cricket and football together.
  7. And sometimes we also go together to the market.
  8. We both are intelligent students in our class.
  9. He is like my family member.
  10. I love my best friend too much.

My best friend essay 100 words

Every person in this world has a friend that he loves the most. And that friendship means a lot to us like others, I also have a best friend like no other. His name is (your best friend’s name required).

my best friend essay

He means a lot to me he is my best friend, we share our secrets, happiness, and even sadness with each other. We also share our difficulties and also try to solve them together we also play football together, and he helps me in playing because he is better than me in playing, but in studies.

I help him because in studies I am better. We both take great care of each other.

I love my best friend, and he is like my family member to me.

My best friend essay | secondary level

Essay my best friend | 150 words

Everyone has a best friend, and I also have a best friend and my best name is (your friend’s name). He is my best friend, and I am his best friend too.

He lives near to my house, and we both study in the same school, and we also share our lunch in the school break time. We both love to play cricket and always play it together. He likes me a lot, and I also want him. We both are like brothers. We always take care of each other and even help each other in our studies.

We also take part in the speeches, sports and other competitions in our school. We are also very active and sharp students of the class. Our teacher and even our school Mam also appreciate us.

We were friends since the nursery class. I love my best friend and want’s to keep our friendship for our whole life.

Best friend essay of 200 words

I have a lot of friends, but there is only one friend who is very important to me. I like him a lot, and he is my best friend, and his name is (your best friend’s name required).

He is my best buddy, and he is about my height tall, and we both have about the same physique, but he has good brain memory, and he is intelligent too.

He is my best friend since childhood we both study in the same school and our apartments are in the same society as well. We play basketball every day together in our society’s basketball court, and I am better than him in playing, but he is better in studies. We both almost have the same hobbies. And our most favorite hobby is reading. We both have read a lot of books together and continues to learn more.

We both are and go to our society’s park every day for jogging and some other exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and stretchings of different body parts.

My best friend is a great person, and I want him to be successful in life.

My best friend essay | Higher secondary level


Essay on my best friend 250 words

In this cruel world, it is tough to find a wise and honest friend. All are trying to pull the other’s leg, and no one cares for others. I know many people who don’t have smart friends, but thanks to God, that I have a wise and honest friend he is my best friend. His name is (your friend’s name required). He is a great person and honest too.

(Name of your best friend) Is a well-disciplined person and cares for everyone. My best friend always nice to everyone and never forgets his manners. He respects his elders and loves his younger ones. He cares for me too and always helps me in studies and be also helps me in sports we also share our lunch.

I still remember that we were friends since the ____ class. He also likes to take part in social activities such as planting trees and also take me with him in social movements we both study together play and eat together, in short, we are like soul mates. He never argues with me and always support me.

We even go for picnics many times and on many adventured too. Sometimes we also go to meet with other friends and also with school, colleges teachers together. We love to play and spend time together whether it is about our studies or about any physical exercise.

My best friend always helps me in every difficulty of my life,  and always be with me at the time of need.

Someone truly said,

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Walter Winchell


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