5 Ways to Customize Custom Outdoor Signs

5 Ways to Customize Custom Outdoor Signs

You can customize outdoor signs to direct customers to your business or bistro or to add a professional touch to your medical or legal practice. To choose a sign that works well for your business, non-profit, practice, or facility, you should consider the material used and the size of the sign you’ll need.

Make Your Customized Sign Easy to Read

Make sure the print is clear and easy to read on the sign. While you might like to add some fancy lettering, you still want your people to remember your business or locate your facility easily and conveniently. Any message you want to send is easier to share if you choose a readable and customer-friendly font.

How Will You Be Using the Sign?

With those tips in mind, you can use the following ideas to inspire you to create the ideal customized sign for a local attraction, store, restaurant, manufacturing site, or office. Before you review the selection of custom outdoor signs, you’ll need to determine what you want to use in a material and how you will be using the sign.

For example, you may need a sign that features your business’s name and another sign to direct people to park in your lot. Another sign may be used to let people know where to enter your establishment.

1. Outside Signs that Provide Direction

Signs can be used outside your business to direct customers so they know where to park or where to find your office. Therefore, you can use your outdoor sign to build your brand as well help customers locate your office or a parking spot. Signs that offer directions are always needed, especially if you have new customers.

For example, suppose your office is located upstairs in an office complex. You may need to include a sign with an arrow that points clients in your direction. You may also need a sign that people can easily see that clearly shows the entrance to your establishment.

2. Increase Visual Appeal While Welcoming Walk-ins

You might add some visual appeal to your store or eatery by adding a colorful sign that says something like, “We’re Open.” You might also consider adding a colorful “Welcome” sign made with a material like acrylic. Signs are featured in various sizes so you can make them as colorful or large as you like. Add your company’s logo and name on the sign to support your brand.

3. Add Prominence to Your Auto Repair Shop

To increase your visibility as an auto repair shop, you might consider adding a sign, diamond plated, with colorful printing. Again, make sure it is easy to read and includes customer-friendly messages such as “Quick Oil Changes,” “Same-day Repairs,” or “Your Number One Auto Repair Shop.”

4. Increase the Traffic to Your Bistro or Diner

An inexpensive yet eye-capturing way to attract customers to your eatery is to create a message on a colorful plastic sign that is laser-engraved. For example, for this signage, you might include messages such as “The Best Burgers Served in Town,” “We Give Discounts to Veterans,” “Thanks for Your Business – Come Again!” or “Pick-up Service Available.”

Of course, you can also use the signs to display your eatery’s name and perhaps add when it was established as well.

5. Add to Your Influence in the Financial or Legal Field

If you’re a financial or legal professional, signs made of stainless steel retain their looks, regardless of the weather, and enhance the prestige of your firm. You can add the name of your practice and perhaps include the address as well. Make sure the lettering and numerals are distinct so people can easily identify your firm and the location.

Select a Compatible Material

As you can see, you can use signs in one or more ways. The key to choosing the ideal custom sign is to select a compatible material – one that matches the image you want to convey, and features a message or your brand name so it can be easily recognized and seen.

For instance, if you are a company that supports the environment and sustainability, you might want to choose a bamboo outdoor sign to emphasize your message. On the other hand, if you’re a high-level stock brokerage, you might want to choose a material for your sign such as brass, bronze, or copper.

Find the Best Outdoor Sign for Your Business or Site Today

Whether you choose copper, brass, titanium, plastic, or acrylic, you can customize an outdoor that will meet your businesses or organizations signage and message needs.

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