Essay on Abortion for Secondary and College Students

Essay on Abortion for Secondary and College Students

Abortion is reference to the process of termination of pregnancy which entails removal of the embryo or fetus from the uterus even before it is born. There are different processes through which abortion can be carried out.

Abortion is one of the most discussed, yet controversial issues out there. It is a heated argument between two ideologies. One ideology is supports pro-life arguments. On the other hand, one ideology is in favour of pro-choice arguments. It is a debate between death and life.

There have been ongoing legislative developments as well throughout the globe. This includes states like Alabama. There are even religious debates surrounding the issue. Given its importance on a personal, political and social level, it is imperative that students of all ages should be made to think critically about the matter. From the very roots of their education, they should know the issues that surround this subject.

Therefore, this article will guide you over the different essays which students from secondary and college grades can take help of. It may even urge them to think about this relevant issue and accordingly, contribute to the legislative developments in the future.

Essay on Abortion

Essay on Abortion for Secondary Class

The term ‘abortion’ is a derivation of the Latin language. It essentially stems out of the word ‘abortion. It translates into ‘to abort’. It literally means the process through which an embryo or fetus is removed from the uterus. It terminates the pregnancy completely. The process should be carried out within the first six months of the pregnancy (which is the first two trimesters). There are two broad categories of abortions. The first category is the induced abortion. This is done on purpose for those individuals who mistakenly conceive and thereafter, decide not to have a kid. The second category is a reference to miscarriage. This is spontaneous abortion and the individual may have no role whatsoever in its occurrence.

Medical abortion can further be classified into two processes. The first process is through the consumption of drugs. The other way is through abortion surgery which includes more invasive measures. There are multiple statistics that suggest that 33% of women are ready to undergo the process of abortion as soon as they reach the age of 45 years. Some women even undergo multiple abortions in their lifetime. The major reason behind abortion is unintended pregnancies. It is a method through which birth is being controlled. The majority of the reported abortions are done in the first trimester only.

Abortion is subjected to long and heated debates from all sorts of fronts, including legal, religious and political fronts. There have been laws all across the globe which has laid down a blanket ban on all sorts of abortion. However, there are some liberal regimes as well.

There are many distinct takes and positions on the issue of abortion. One of the positions which are on the right end of the spectrum is that life should be preserved at all times. They want to ban abortions in all sorts of circumstances. This refers to a blanket ban. Their primary stance is that the government should not be supportive of any individual who wants to destroy a fetus or an embryo. On the other end of the spectrum are the proponents of free choice. They have a strong belief that all individuals should have absolute control over their bodies and are, therefore, free to choose whether they want to abort the baby or keep the same. Every pregnant woman should have the legal right to seek abortion from certified medical centres.

These were two extreme positions. However, there is an ideology that is right in between. These are individuals who are of the view that abortion should be permissible, but, it should be permitted only in a limited set of circumstances. This includes situations such as pregnancies that are caused by rape or when the birth of the child can cause physical harm, or even death, to the mother.

There is a massive controversy on this issue. There are innumerable political, legal, social and religious views on this topic. Individuals belonging to different cultures, beliefs, customs have their own views on the topic of abortion. In fact, there are some extremists groups that are against abortion who have launched physical riots on abortion clinics.

Moving forward, it is pertinent to note that one needs to have a healthy and educated debate on this topic. It needs to be discussed taking into account the emotional aspects, medical considerations and legal points. Important philosophical questions are to be answered as well such as – whether an embryo can be equated to a human being, or it has not converted into life yet?

One even needs to strike a balance. It may make sense to life ban on abortions in some circumstances. However, an extremely liberal regime can result into people aborting their child for no reason whatsoever. There needs to be some sort of government intervention. Nevertheless, the government needs to maintain a balanced stance as well. Any extreme measure can result into consequences which the government will not want.

In any case, academics need to be consulted before legislating on this issue. The academics should include individuals from the field of politics, history, law and religion. Such academics should consult mutually with each other to come up with practical solutions which serve the community at large. Given that abortion is a very sensitive issue, which can impact a major chunk of the population, the matter should be dealt with utmost responsibility.

In conclusion, abortion is a matter which requires urgent attention. There are some states which have not regulated the matter as of yet. As a result of such delay, unsafe and insecure abortions are being carried out. Some of them have even resulted into deaths. This is something that governments across the globe should pay focus to. Therefore, there is a dire a need of addressing the issues surrounding this matter.

Essay on Abortion for College Students

Abortion is a difficult, controversial and sensitive topic that has gained a lot of attention in recent times. It is a choice between pro-life and pro-choice. It is a subject which as impacted the society in multiple ways. Some individuals view it as an evil since it involves killing of an unborn child. However, other side is of the view that it is a constitutional right of a woman to deal her body the way she wants.

Abortion is the termination of an embryo through which pregnancy comes to an end. There are different methods through which this process can be carried out – for instance surgery or medication. There are numerous birth control methods that are, and can be adopted.

There are multiple statistics which show different figures regarding the quantum of abortion. However, on average, over 60 million abortions take place annually throughout the globe. Majority of the women who undertake abortion are below the age of 25 years. Unfortunately, over 50% of those abortions are done in an unsafe manner which poses imminent threat. Over 50,000 deaths occur as a result of such unsafe abortions. Reports of the World Health Organization show that the rates of the abortion are increasing rapidly due to the increase in the rate of contraception.

Before delving into the material issues, it is imperative to highlight the reasons why an individual would want to get an abortion. One of the biggest reasons behind abortion would be pregnancies which happen as a result of rape or incest. Another major reason is that youth are now engaging into unprotected sexual relationships. This is a social issue which should be dealt with at a fundamental level. This issue can be controlled with usage of contraceptives and spreading awareness regarding sexual activities. Furthermore, a religious perspective can be introduced to control sex before marriage.

One of the primary issues relating to abortion is whether fetuses have the right to life. Proponents of the pro-life view say that fetuses have equal right to life as normal human beings. Therefore, abortion is the same as killing a human being. On the other hand, proponents of pro-choice are of the view that fetuses are not human beings and therefore, the question of right to life does not arise. Woman should have complete control of what they do with their bodies, including the fetus.

There is a group which has managed to find the middle ground. They staunchly believe that abortions should only be allowed in a very limited set of circumstances. This includes situations such as incest and rape. This also includes situations where the birth of a child can result into causing physical harm to the mother giving birth.

There have been legislative developments over this issue for a very long time. In the USA, the Supreme Court has decided that abortion is a fundamental and material right of every woman. Parliamentarians and the lawmakers who agree with this proposition believe that abortion is right of every individual and therefore, any other religious or governmental authority should not intervene in personal matters. There is another interesting perspective to this argument. Even in states where abortion is illegal, the same is carried out in an unsafe manner. This results in unwanted deaths. Therefore, it is better to regulate and legalize it avoid such results.

Religious groups, including the Church, have been on the forefront of the anti-abortion movement. They primarily rely on religious scriptures which say that human beings cannot interfere with the creations of the God. Medical practitioners were also part of such movements in the beginning. However, with the passage of time, their views appear to change, but in a regulated manner. They are of the view that abortions may be carried out only through specialized medical centres that have the license to do so.

Whatever the case may be, it is essential that the issue of abortion is addressed with seriousness. Otherwise, this will cause serious and irreparable harm to the society. There are many ways in which this issue can be addressed. For instance, the legislative authorities and the judiciary need to take serious steps toward regulating this area. Furthermore, medical practitioners need to be trained in order to deal with the sensitivity which surrounds this issue.

It is not only the responsibility of the regulatory authorities to manage this issue. It is also important that responsibility is realized on an individual level. This can be done by spreading awareness. People should be taught about sexual health other related issues which are otherwise considered taboo in society.

At the bottom line, it is pertinent to point out that some states have been actively pursuing the matter. There are some important legislative developments going throughout the globe which plays a part in dealing with the issue. Not only the legislative bodies but also the executive and the judiciary are now actively engaged in dealing with the matter.

Final word

As properly highlighted in the essays above, abortion is a very important and sensitive matter which requires urgent attention in this day and age. Although there are some states which are eager to legislate on the matter, some governments have been pressurized by the political, social and religious fronts. However, this address needs to be resolved from the very beginning. Students of high school and college should be made to think about this matter and engage into healthy debates regarding the same. It will enable society to come up with solutions that may address the issue at some point in time.

Above are some essays that can be gone through to understand the matter and the same can even be used for reference purposes. However, it does not cover each and every detail of the matter. There are many research papers which highlight the matter in detail. It covers religious, philosophical and practical arguments to come up with solutions. You may go through them in detail if interested.

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