Eating Eggs in your Breakfast is Good for Health

Eating Eggs in your Breakfast is Good for Health

Around the world, people have different traditions of having a variety of breakfasts. It is the first meal after you wake up in the morning, that keeps you energized for the rest of the day. So it is important to have something healthy, delicious, and easily available for your breakfast.

Out of all the different varieties of breakfast, there is one ingredient that almost everyone prefers to eat in their breakfast, EGGS.

An egg is something full of nutrients, it tastes good, is easily available, and doesn’t cost much. And it can be cooked in different ways and eaten in different styles.

Whether you prefer a fried egg, an egg omelet, boiled egg, poached egg, or a scrambled one, in all forms it provides you amazing health benefits and energy for the whole day.

Nutrients contained in an egg:

Despite their small size, eggs are rich in nutrients that are essential for various body functions. The nutrients contained in an egg are as follow,

  • Proteins:The egg white is full of proteins, ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, and ovomucoid are the major three among the 40 different types of egg proteins.
  • Fats:the fats in eggs are unsaturated fats rich in HDL cholesterol that is also called good cholesterol.
  • Folate:The folic acid in eggs is present in the yolk more than in the egg white
  • Multivitamins:the vitamins include Vitamin A, D, E, K, B5, B6, and B12.
  • Other minerals in the egg: Calcium, Selenium, Phosphorus are among the other minerals that are also found in eggs.

Health benefits of eggs:

As clear now that eggs are full of nutrients and are healthy for eating as a first meal in the morning. Following are some of the benefits that you can have from eating plenty of eggs regularly.

  • Heart-healthy fats: Eggs have a good amount of HDL (high-density lipoproteins) that are good cholesterol for weight loss and body fat regulation. The fats contained in eggs are heart-healthy and people having high HDL levels and low LDL levels are less prone to having cardiovascular problems such as heart failure, stroke and also are less obese.
  • Good for erectile dysfunction: As eggs prevent hypertension, weight gain, and heart problems it is also good for preventing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is generally treated with drugs likeCenforce 150mg that is available on our website. But having eggs in your breakfast you don’t need them anymore.
  • The function of choline: Choline is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in the egg yolk and is responsible for vital body functions. It helps in the construction of cell membranes and the transport of messages along the neuronal pathways. Choline has to be obtained from food sources as your body doesn’t naturally synthesize it and this makes eating egg yolks also important.
  • Good for eyes: The presence of vitamin A makes eggs good for eye health. Besides that, egg yolk also contains lutein that helps prevent macular degeneration and keep your vision safe.
  • Proteins in eggs: The protein content in the egg is good for weight management, hypertension, muscle, and bone health and it also provides essential amino acids that other food items can not have.
  • Good for portion control diet: Eggs have a good amount of calories and the portion size is also good. Despite having a smaller portion size and larger calorie size eggs help reduce obesity and keeps you active and energized the whole day. It stops you from cravings the whole day as if gives you a sense of fullness although they are small.


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