How to pick the suitable pillows for side sleepers

How to pick the suitable pillows for side sleepers

Traditionally, side sleepers have back problems and shoulder and neck pain. The three main reasons side sleepers have more back and shoulder pain are 1. The shape of the pillow 2. The material used 3. How you sleep means that choosing wisely when buying pillows for side sleepers is essential, and this article shares some important factors to consider while picking your side pillow.

What side sleepers want from their pillows

Before you can pick the right pillow, you need to know what side sleepers want from their pillows. They may be looking for a soft pillow that feels like they are lying on air, or they might prefer something firmer and more supportive. Side sleepers also tend to have different requirements when it comes to thickness: some like thick pillows while others prefer thin cushions. Some people prefer high or low-profile pillows while others prefer square or round shapes in order to fit their body type best (for example if one side of your body is higher than the other).

Select pillows with proper support.

The first step to selecting the right pillows for side sleepers is finding one firm enough to support your head and neck without causing back pain. If you’re a side sleeper, this means avoiding pillows made from memory foam or other soft materials. Instead, look for a solid-feeling pillow that will keep its shape and contour even after hours of use.

The second step involves ensuring the pillow can keep your spine aligned in all positions—sleeping on your back or stomach should be no problem as long as you have a good night’s rest!

Select pillows that flatter your body type.

Pillows that are too large can cause neck and shoulder pain. They might also make it hard to reach the edge of your mattress, which could be uncomfortable if your feet hang off the side of the bed.

Pillows that are too small can cause spine problems by putting pressure on your neck, shoulders and back. This is especially true for those who sleep on their sides because they tend to keep more weight on one side of their bodies than others.

Pillowcases with too much firmness will cause back pain over time by pressing into sensitive spinal discs when you turn over in bed to get comfortable at night without having any extra support from pillows or blankets under them (which would be very helpful). If you’re worried about this happening, then go ahead and purchase some softer ones instead!

Best for side sleepers

The most commonly recommended pillow for a side sleeper is either a down or feather-filled pillow. These two types are perfect for side sleepers because they are soft, making it easy to get comfortable by adjusting your sleeping position quickly, without much effort required during the night. They also allow airflow underneath your head, allowing air circulation, so you don’t feel too hot during the summer months. Down alternative fibre fillings are also hypoallergenic, as they do not contain wool or feathers, which may cause allergic reactions. However, a downside to these pillows is that they can be expensive since they require more filling than traditional pillows (for example, down costs double the cost of feathers).

Picking the right pillows for side sleepers is a personal choice. The best way to choose a pillow is by testing out different brands and styles, so you can find one that suits your needs and preferences. Many different kinds of pillows can work for your sleeping style, but there are also many reasons why some might not work well. So always consider your comfort first.

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