6+ Essays on My Hobby for different levels of students

6+ Essays on My Hobby for different levels of students

A hobby is the name of the thing which we do in our free time. A hobby makes someone busy with different works. It makes life more inspired, happy, and energetic. 

Do not worry. We have written many essays on ‘ My hobby ‘ for the students of different ages and levels, including primary to higher secondary. Like If you love cricket and your hobby is playing Bat ball, so there is a fantastic essay for you .If your teacher gives you the task to write a short essay on my hobby of ‘Reading books’ so you can write it from here, or you can select anyone essay according to your need from the following.

Essays on my hobby for Primary level

My hobby (Drawing) 80 words

My hobby is to draw pictures in free time.
I like this hobby since I saw many children’s drawings in the Sunday magazines.
I draw a picture daily in the evening.
My parents & relatives also appreciate me.
I can also draw sketches.
I also have won many prizes in the drawing competition.
My teacher also asks me to create a chart on different occasions.
I like my hobby very much and also want to become an artist in the future.

my hobby essay drawing

My hobby (cycling) 100 words​

My hobby is to ride a bicycle since I was a kid. I ride my  bicycle daily in the evening. 
Riding a bicycle is very good for health, it keeps us healthy and fit, helps to strengthen muscles, and also very beneficial for the stomach.
It is faster and enjoyable to hit my feet on the paddle in a hot summer day, as compared to walking.
Riding a bicycle is very necessary for human health. 
I like my hobby very much.

essay on my hobby cycling

My Hobby (Reading Books) 120 words

My hobby is reading books since I was a little kid. I read many books daily, including folk stories, magazines, and many informative books. Reading books is one of the best hobbies which will give us many knowledge and awareness of many facts around us, and many more advantages too. 



my hobby is reading books

My hobby is reading books since I was a little kid. I read many books daily, including folk stories, magazines, and many informative books. Reading books is one of the best hobbies which will give us many knowledge and awareness of many facts around us, and many more advantages too. 

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

I often like to read many English stories. I also read many articles and e-books online that not only increase my knowledge but also help me to polish my English grammar skills including Grammar and difficult words.

Although all hobbies have their own merits and demerits, the merits of reading books are outweighed than demerits.

However, Reading is only the hobby which I recommend to all people and I love to read books.

Essay on My Hobby for Secondary Level

My Hobby (Teaching) 150 words

 My one of the favorite hobby which I like most in my spare time is teaching. Students learn every thing from their teacher, teachers make their students future (career) bright like the shining stars. I like this hobby since I was a student. When I passed my matriculation exams, I started this my passion. Now I teach many students from different classes daily in the evening. 

“A teacher is like a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others”.

I teach many subjects of science and my skills are specialized in Chemistry and Math. I also received many invitations to join many coaching centers as a Science teacher, but I do not because of the time issue. 

My students always got higher marks because of their interest but there is mine hardworking too. I teach all my students with love and also feel pleasure by helping them.

I love my hobby and feel happy by teaching others and love to help them in learning new things and to make them unleash their skills.

My Hobby (Playing Cricket) 250 words

playing cricket is my passion

Playing cricket is one of my favorite hobby. I play this game daily and enjoy it a lot . I started playing cricket when I was 5 years old with my two elder brothers in the garden of my house.

My favorite cricketer is (Name of your favorite player). He is one of the best players in the world. I want to be like him in the future.

 My parents have often told me that, do not play cricket today, but I play it daily because it is one of my passions and I play this game with the core of my heart. It makes me feel proud of what I am.

I also won many prizes in the battle of cricket. I also received many invitations to play. And I am the best player in my whole team and also a captain, maybe because I play this game seriously. I am a All rounder  player in my team, but good at balling as compared to the batting. I also got the credit of the man of the match in my school tournament. My highest batting score is (your highest score), and the highest numbers of wickets which I got till now are (highest number of wickets in a match).

My skills in cricket are growing day by day and in the future, I want to continue this interesting game as my career. Although I also study hard, day and night but cricket is my love. 

I love to play cricket and this my hobby too.

My Hobby (Gardening) 250 words

A small Play area in my house is the reason for my this hobby. Gardening (Growing Plants) is one of the most exciting and joyful hobby, which not only give us pleasure but many advantages too because they help us to reduce Global Warming. That’s the reason behind my this hobby.

my one of the hobbies is gardening

Gardening is not only my hobby, but it’s also my mission, which I have been doing for two months. In my house play area, I grow many seeds of different vegetables, fruits, and trees, including Chili and lemon plants, strawberry, and also Neem plants. And now waiting for the growth of the plants, It can take a minimum of three months.

The reason behind to grow chili plants is that they can grow within a short period.

I also grow twenty small plants of the Neem which I will dig around my town in the future because the neem tree is best to reduce the temperature, and it also helps to reduce Global Warming. This work is hard, but it’s one of my passions.

Although Gardening is not only a hobby, it is one of the things which every person should do in his/her life. It gives me pleasure and happiness. I also study in the fresh air of my garden and also do exercise there.

Every person should grow at least one plant or a tree near his/her house. In such a way, we will also be saved with many harmful diseases.

Essay on My Hobby | Higher Secondary levels

My Hobby (Surfing Internet) 350 words

Every person in this world has its own hobby and habits, which he loves the most. Someone likes to play, someone like to sing and dance and some peoples like to read books in their spare time.

My favorite hobby is to browse many sites daily, I also read the blog posts and also share it with my friends and relatives.

Surfing Internet

 Thanks to modern science for inventing such kind of great technologies which are making our life easier day by day. Now I don’t need to go here and there to learn new things because many pro bloggers, youtubers, and teachers are already available there. I also do many short courses free of cost from the Internet. 

I also watch many Youtube channels daily to gain Information. My favorite youtube channel is “Sports Fever”  and I watch his videos daily.

I also read news online, which keeps me up to date with my surroundings and also inform me about the new facts.

I also use social media on a daily basis like Facebook, Tweeter and especially Insta for helping junior communities.

Now there are many books and magazines available on the Internet called e-books, I also love to read them. And I also read funny memes and jokes for some refreshment but not that much.

Thanks to the Internet which makes trading, communication, and transitions very easy. Now we can also purchase anything from $1 – $10,000  within seconds. I can also keep in contact with my friends on WhatsApp and Messenger too.

But I use most of my time in helping junior communities through the Internet (or Social media Like FB) and really I got pleasure and happiness by helping them.

Although as compared to all other hobbies this one may have also more demerits, like weakness of eyesight and also browsing the wrong sites/videos, etc. But! Thanks to God, my aim and hobby are so different from all the common people. My parents and relatives also appreciate me and I love my hobby very much.


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