The best applications for college students

The best applications for college students

Almost every student on campus has a smartphone because they have become the new way of life, and it includes all the planning that a student needs, including important information to dates and deadlines. The Internet has made life easy, and now there’s almost an app for everything. You can order food or identify breeds of dogs, or you can even review your flashcards before going to class. Ask online essay writers to help you with writing a paper. Here are some of the best applications for college students.

Anki mobile flashcards

This application is for flashcards, and it supports multimedia and make-up that is according to the website. It costs around $25 in the App Store for Apple devices, but it is free for Android devices.


It is a popular learning management system, and it is used in many institutions in the United States. The mobile application allows more students to access their coursework, especially those taking online classes with virtual components. In addition, students can view the content of their course. Complete their tests and assignments are also considered their grades.

Canvas student

It is pretty similar to the blackboard, and it enables students to access their coursework, view their grades and submitting their assignments. Students can either download canvas or blackboard according to their institution.


It is one of the best applications to learn any new language because it offers lessons for up to 35 languages which helps the users with reading, speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary and grammar. In addition, the application provides paid and free versions, and it has emerged as a test of English proficiency that is accepted at some colleges within the United States.


It is a task management and notetaking application that offers its users the ability to synchronize across their devices and create their to-do lists and save their web pages. It can also take the details of the documents through the camera of the user’s device. The application is free, but there is a premium version that costs around $8.00 monthly. You can now Edit your PDF files at sodapdf.

Google Calendar

Most students are already familiar with Google Calendar because Google already has a broad reach. The application can get used to creating reminders, schedule events, or share availability.

Google Drive

The application can be used as free storage for the cloud, makings it one of the handiest applications for writing term papers across many devices, or you can use it to collaborate on shared documents.


It is an application that is used as a reference manager and also as a PDF reader. The application of our students the Golden ability to highlight and annotate PDFs, generate citations and references, synchronize the work across many devices I’m sad through a vast online library. Students can get a free 2GB storage and get into plans that range from $55 to $170 for a year if they want to purchase additional capacity.


It is a tool that is used to visualize ideas, and it allows the users to generate Maps for ideas. You can use it for project planning, meeting management, and notetaking. The basic version is offered for free, but other plans go for $5 to $13.00 depending on your personal, business, or professional goals.

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