Top 3 WhatsApp Messaging Alternatives

Top 3 WhatsApp Messaging Alternatives


The fact that WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world does not mean that it is the best. In fact, many of the people who use the platform agree that there are other alternatives far superior to the Facebook messaging service, both for functionality and for the transparency they demonstrate when dealing with the sensitive data of their user community. In fact, there are many other free messaging apps that can be downloaded and that, in many respects, are far superior to WhatsApp. These are the top 3 you can use:


If there is an application that can compete with WhatsApp in terms of popularity – although not in terms of user community – that is Telegram.

It is probably one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp, since its interface has many similarities with Facebook service, and therefore it is easy to familiarize yourself with its different functions. Despite this, it incorporates dozens of features that do not exist in WhatsApp, such as custom themes, support for bots, supergroups, channels and much more. In addition, its open-source philosophy means that developers can create their own alternatives to the original application, and introduce new functions not included by default.

Regarding security, although Telegram has been at the center of controversy on several occasions due to the alleged lack of encryption, the truth is that the encryption method used by the platform is similar to that used in services such as Facebook Messenger or Line, and therefore it is possible to chat secretly without taking any risk. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a totally multiplatform service, with native applications available on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, as well as access from the browser.


Brian Acton himself, one of the creators of WhatsApp, decided to leave Facebook and finance the platform behind Signal, a private and ultra-secure messaging app used by people around the world who care about their privacy, and which has even been recommended by Edward Snowden, one of the great cybersecurity gurus.

Like Telegram, Signal is open source, so any expert with the necessary knowledge can perform security audits on encryption protocols (which are also open) looking for gaps. Signal itself ensures that its encryption algorithms are frequently reviewed by professional cryptographers with the aim of continuing to improve the security of the platform.


KIK is an anonymous mobile messaging application for instant messaging. It uses a Wi-Fi connection or a data plan to send and receive messages from other people who use it. KIK makes it easier for users to stay in touch with family and friends.

Kik is one of the messaging apps known to keep users anonymous. You can register an account using false information. Plus, you don’t need to register or provide your phone number. This means that other users will only identify you by your username. There are many KIK search services online that allow you to search for your friends using kik usernames and one of them is

Note that the KIK company may know your location because the KIK app logs users IP addresses. There is no doubt that most users appreciate the anonymity and privacy that the app gives them.


If you are in doubts to switch from WhatsApp to some other more secure and private messaging app, rest assured that one of above 3 will for sure fulfill your requirements so don’t hesitate to download it and try out.

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