Typical Shipping Mistakes That Cost Money and Make Customers Unhappy

Typical Shipping Mistakes That Cost Money and Make Customers Unhappy

Businesses source materials, components, and finished goods from multiple places. The efficiency of the supply chain and shipping can make all the difference. You must be also extra alert not to make typical mistakes that cost money and lead to customers being unhappy.

Not Making the Right Choice of Container Load

The right choice of a container load can make a big difference to the per-unit shipping cost. A Full Container Load (FCL) is cheaper and faster when there is enough cargo to fill a container. However, according to Forbes, less than 65% of all FCL containers are utilized fully. It is thus important to ensure that you have enough cargo to make it worthwhile. An effective way out is to use the Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipping option where you share container space with other shippers and only pay for the space you need. While it is more economical, the shipping times can increase due to the time for consolidating the container load and the need for a longer route to accommodate different destinations.

Not Using the Right Packaging

Using the right packaging can make a big difference in several ways. For example, good quality packaging offers better protection that saves your goods from being damaged. However, using too much packaging can be overkill as it will take up more space and cost more money. Also, by using boxes that are too large, you can carry less cargo, which increases your overall shipping container prices. It is best to consult your freight forwarder or carrier about the options that provide the best value. You also need to be extra careful when carrying fragile, perishable, or extra-large goods.

Not Insuring Your Shipment

Even though modern carriers take every precaution to ensure the safety of the cargo they are carrying, not buying insurance is a risk you should never take. There can be many incidents, accidents, or situations that may prevent your cargo from reaching the destination on time or in an undamaged condition. If you are unlucky, you could lose your container at sea due to an accident, or the container can be inadvertently unloaded at a different port, making recovery difficult, expensive, and sometimes impossible. In the case of perishable goods, it is even more important to get insurance because any delay can lead to the goods spoiling.

Not Quoting the Right Size of Your Cargo

Making a mistake regarding the dimensions and size of your cargo or misquoting it deliberately to save money is not a good idea. Shippers conduct freight audits regularly, and if they catch you out, you will have to pay the differential amount, as well as a hefty fine. Moreover, you could end up being red-flagged and subject to more stringent oversight in the future. There will be less opportunity for you to get favorable shipping rates and preferential treatment by the carrier.


For efficient shipping that gets your cargo to the destination port safely, reliably, on time, and at the least cost, you need to plan out all aspects of the shipping. Consulting a competent freight forwarder or the carrier will help you get the best value for your money.

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