Elevator shoes – easy way to increase your height

Elevator shoes – easy way to increase your height

You need to take a few things to take into consideration before buying a pair of elevator shoes.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is an inexpensive and mediocre material made by mashing together leather pieces to create something that narrowly mimics the real thing. It is often advertised as genuine leather, so it is essential to ask if the shoes are made from bonded leather. You don’t want to pay for genuine leather and receive a sub-par version that won’t last as long or look as good.

Box-Shaped Elevator Shoes

Box-shaped shoes can be less discreet than other styles of elevator shoes. They usually have a thick heal ruining the element of discretion. Instead, lean towards a more subtle style.

Square-Toed Elevator Shoes

Square-toed shoes are not a good look for shorter men. Instead of making them look taller, it can actually make them look shorter or wider. Tapered-toed elevator shoes are a much better option that will always be in style.

You should hold elevator shoes to the same standard as everyday shoes. You want to opt for higher quality shoes made from superior materials like leather. Also, ensure that they are comfortable.

Other Methods to Appear Taller

There are other ways to appear taller that don’t require wearing elevated shoes. There are some minor changes you can make to your outfit that will make you appear taller.

  • Proper Tailoring

Tailoring your outfit to fit you better will not only make you look slender, but it can also make you appear taller

  • Wear monochrome tones

Monochrome tones are when you wear different shades of the same color.

This will create the illusion of being taller. You can opt for darker shades for your pants and lighter shades for your shirts and jackets.

  • Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat can definitely make you appear taller. This is a simple and effective way to add length to your silhouette.

A simple fedora or cowboy hat can help immensely; always make sure the hat you are wearing will be appropriate for the occasion.

  • Hairstyle

Having the right hairstyle can add inches to your height. Being well-groomed will immediately make you stand out. Adding volume to your hairstyle will make you look well-groomed, but it will also make you appear taller. A good blow-dry with some mousse will do the trick. Ensure you are blow-drying and styling your hair in the upwards direction to achieve the right effect.

Final Thoughts

Should you be looking for an easy and effective way to increase your height, guidomaggi elevator shoes are the best option. They are easily obtainable and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

They can even be custom-made for an additional price. Not only do they boost your confidence, but they also provide you with many benefits to improve both your body and mind.

You can walk into any situation with your head held high and not have to worry about your height. Always ensure that you are purchasing from well-known brands like guidomaggi to guarantee you are receiving the best quality shoes possible.


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