Everything You Need to Know About TDS Internet

Everything You Need to Know About TDS Internet

TDS stands for Telephone and Data Systems, Inc, the company’s full name. It was founded in Wisconsin in 1969 as a telephone company. It has its headquarters in Chicago, while the residential services headquarters are still based in Wisconsin.

TDS Telecom is basically a telephone network with coverage in around 24 states. Like most of the other telephone providers in the United States, TDS maxes out the use of its wide wire network by using it to carry the internet as well. And that is not all there is to this service. TDS also has a very well-connected cable TV network reaching a total of 11 states where it offers it with internet service bundles too.  TDS Internet prices are variable according to state and many speed tiers available to choose from.

In this article, we talk about the TDS internet service and all that it offers. So, buckle up and let us jump right in!

TDS Internet: Service type 

TDS mainly focuses on delivering internet, TV, and telephone to customers in rural areas and the suburbs, since it is DSL. There is also some TDS coverage in some busy urban areas where DSL speeds can reach pretty high speeds. TDS already has cable internet and has also recently laid down a vast fiber network, through which it can offer high-speed internet to households and large businesses in metropolitan regions.

TDS has more customers for its DSL service than both cable internet and fiber. It implements this service through the famed ADSL protocol, which gives it asymmetrical bandwidths with more available for downloads than for uploads.

TDS Internet features

TDS internet comes with some great features that set it apart from the other DSL providers in the industry. Some of these features include but are not limited to;

  1. Multiple speed tiers available:TDS internet comes in multiple speed tiers so you can always find something to suit your needs. It offers speeds from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps in its packages. For urban areas, TDS has fiber internet that can reach great speeds around 1000 Mbps with low latency.
  2. High data allowance: TDS does have data caps for its DSL plans but they do allow a good amount of data around 250 GB of internet. The cable and fiber internet plans with TDS however, are unlimited and you can enjoy as much as you want with them.
  3. TDS internet security: Browsing on the internet can be a tricky affair so internet security is kind of a necessity. There are viruses and cybersecurity threats all around. Even so, TDS offers internet security with a free trial for 30 days for less than $10 per month.
  4. Whole-home Wi-Fi: TDS offers an immaculate home Wi-Fi signal that is both strong and awesome. It spreads the signals equally through your house so there are no dead zones or trailing off signals. You can also add extenders for bigger houses to help enhance your TDS Wi-Fi experience.
  5. 30-day money-back guarantee: TDS plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t enjoy the service. This is a great upside since most ISPs don’t offer this opportunity. If there is anything you don’t particularly like at the end of the month you can always opt-out before you get into anything lasting.

TDS Internet speed tiers

TDS offers a great service because it has many different speed plans to choose from. Whether you have a small household with 2 people or a large family with multiple devices – TDS has something for everyone. As mentioned before, TDS offers all three service types; the DSL, cable, and fiber internet. The speed ranges hence vary with each service and speed tiers available for it.

In the following text, we have shortly summarized the speed tiers and plans available for each service type.

  TDS Internet Package Max. Download Speeds
  Lite 1 Mbps
TDS DSL Broadband Express 5 Mbps
  Turbo 15 Mbps
  Mach 25 Mbps



  TDS Internet Package Max. Download Speeds
  Extreme 25 25 Mbps
  Extreme 50 50 Mbps
TDS Fiber Broadband Extreme 100 100 Mbps
  Extreme 300 300 Mbps
  Extreme 600 600 Mbps
  1 GIG 1000 Mbps


The DSL speed tiers over 5 Mbps are usually good for 3-4 users and the speeds support streaming, downloading, and gaming. For the fiber internet plans with TDS, speed is much faster so multiple people can connect to the network without a worry. You can download things within seconds and the fiber plans give you symmetrical speeds so you get just as good upload speeds. Gaming, streaming, video calling anything you want to do is made better with TDS fiber plans!

TDS internet pricing plans 

TDS internet prices are a bit tricky to pin down all in all. The prices vary from region to region and address to address on the map of the US. In some States, no coverage is present so that is also something to be wary of. However, if you want to learn more about the pricing for TDS internet plans, you can always visit the website. Alternatively, you may reach out to the TDS customer service at 1-844-343-1172 and inquire about all that you want to ask.

Bundling with TDS

TDS makes it extremely easy for subscribers to bundle their internet, phone, and TV services together. Bundling is more effective than standalone services because it ends up giving you more value for your money and helps you plan out your budget better. You can get the TDS TV service which is powered by TiVo and gives you ready access to live channels as well as the choicest on-demand content available anywhere. It also has DVR and cloud features available so you can record your favorite live shows even while you are away. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Conversely, you may also bundle your TDS internet plan with the home phone that it offers. You can choose from any of the five phone packages available and enjoy unlimited calls within all US territories. They also give you value-added features like voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, and more. It also allows 911 to reach you and hone in on your location in case of an emergency even if you cannot speak. The quality of the phone services is top-notch and you should expect nothing less from TDS. You can never go wrong with a handy home phone and TDS is a classic example of this!

Saving money with TDS internet 

Although TDS internet plans are not so pricey and come with zero contracts, there are some smart ways to save money with TDS. These include;

  1. Buying or using your equipment: This saves you from a ton of expenditure in rental charges and allows you to reuse older devices.
  2. Keeping track of the trial period: If you want to cancel the service make sure you do so before your 30 day trial period ends. This way you save a few extra bucks.
  3. Early termination fee: TDS internet plans come with no contracts but there is a promotional period for your prices. If the promotional period has not ended when you terminate, you may be asked to pay early termination fees. So you might want to avoid that if you are looking to opt out of this service.


TDS internet is a great service that may have a smaller coverage area and more scattered but does work quite well in areas where it is available. The DSL is decent enough and the fiber speeds are mind-blowing, to say the least. The pricing may vary but one thing that TDS is known for its affordable quality, so you are likely to find something that is both good and fits in your budget nicely.

What is the point of good internet if it is not affordable?

TDS solves this dilemma and takes you a step closer to the American dream!

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