Have Fun With the Whole Family This Summer on Your UTV

Have Fun With the Whole Family This Summer on Your UTV

All-terrain vehicles deliver solid performance for solo riders tackling tough jobs or equally tough terrain. But a utility terrain vehicle, or UTV, offers unique potential. While they’re undisputed workhorses, UTVs also have room for passengers, a standard wheel base and more storage space. This rugged machine can often go more places than a standard passenger vehicle can – which makes it excellent for taking the family on summer excursions. But the right UTV tires are vital to your vehicle’s safety and handling. This quick guide

Make Sure To Upgrade Your UTV Tires Before Hitting Those New Trails

When buying tires for your UTV, the first thing you should consider is terrain. You may have some idea of where you plan to take the family this summer. Maybe those new trails are calling, like the Poison Spider Mesa in Utah or the terrain at Badlands Off Road Park in Illinois. And if you’ve done your homework, you know a little about what you’ll face.

Sand, rock, gravel and mud all pose challenges for your off-road vehicle. Most tire manufacturers have specially designed tire models to handle each of these terrain types. But you’ll also find all-terrain UTV tires in their selections. Some models aren’t classified as all-terrain tires, but they do well on multiple types of ground. Many of these incorporate features for traction, longevity and performance on mud and rocky terrain.

Why You Should Try the New Sedona Ripsaw Tires This Summer

The Sedona Ripsaw is a great example of a multi-terrain UTV tire that isn’t marketed as all-terrain. The first thing you’ll probably notice is its aggressive tread. The Ripsaw sports 1 1/8-inch deep tread with a computer-designed tread pattern. This tread offers excellent clean out in the mud, but it also delivers exceptional traction on hard-packed ground. You may also notice that the Ripsaw’s tread wraps around its sidewall – a smart design choice for improved traction in deep ruts and muddy conditions.

Underneath that wickedly awesome tread, the Sedona Ripsaw builds in some key basic features. It boasts a heavy-duty 6-ply radial construction with three great benefits: improved stability, a smoother ride and impact absorption. This construction is reinforced with stronger sidewalls that better handle the heavier weight of your UTV.  If you equip the 28- or 30-inch versions, you’ll get tires with an 8-ply carcass.

Off-roaders have lots of good things to say about the Sedona Ripsaw. It consistently gets four- and five-star ratings for its long-lasting tread and superior traction on rocks, mud, dirt and even snow. Riders also report that it’s surprisingly quiet, even during very limited use on paved ground. Depending on your machine, you may also get better ground clearance with the Ripsaw.

Shop Smart To Get the Best Value

Before your UTV on new adventures, you’ll need to gear up. Your new tires should suit the terrain, but you also want versatility. This is true for any sort of off-road machine – perhaps you have plans to ride solo and need 25x11x10 ATV tires. Shopping at a reputable dealer specializing in motorcycle, ATV and UTV gear gives you the widest inventory plus customer service expertise when you need it.

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