Top 6 Truck Accessories To Customize Your Ride at AutoAnything

Top 6 Truck Accessories To Customize Your Ride at AutoAnything

Buying a pickup truck is a great way to make fishing, camping, and other outdoor sports easier, and it also helps if you transport heavy machinery for work. Plus, there’s no quicker way to feel cool than cruising through town in a new pickup truck. If you like your ride but wish it was more personalized or comfortable, check out these top six truck accessories from AutoAnything.

1. Seat Covers

Seat covers¬†protect your seats’ durability and appearance when you get into your truck after a long day of working or playing outside. They’re also an easy way to boost your truck’s comfort. Choose covers made of canvas, leather, neoprene, mesh, vinyl, sheepskin, and many other materials, or mix and match based on your activities. Buy fun patterns such as Hawaiian flowers or camouflage to add some personality to your seats.

2. Tonneau Covers

If your truck’s current cover isn’t working for you, scroll through the selection of truck bed covers. Many truck owners prefer the versatility and mobility of tonneau covers, which are flat against your bed. They come in roll-up, folding, and retractable varieties based on your budget and storage needs.

3. Nerf Bars

If you have trouble stepping into your truck when you’re sore, invest in nerf bars for trucks. If you just need a little boost, install simple nerf bars, or choose running boards or side and drop steps for increased support. You can install them onto both sides and the back of your truck, or if only one passenger has mobility issues, put a nerf bar on one side.

4. Toolboxes

Have you ever been stranded in the middle of nowhere and wished that you had your trusty toolbox to help with repairs? If so, choose a toolbox that is optimized for your vehicle. These cases are easy to mount into your bed so they don’t take up room in your cab, and they have space for all the tools you need for emergency pitstops.

5. Floor Mats

If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, it’s easy for your truck’s carpet to get muddy and hard. Protect your floors and cushion your feet with new floor mats. Put down rubber mats to prevent water damage, or use clear protective mats to easily clean your floor. To add some fun to your floor’s decor, choose mats that boast your college’s mascot or your favorite NFL, MLB, or NBA team logos.

6. Lift Kits

To take your ride to the literal next level, try out a new lift kit. For best results, choose a kit that replaces your entire suspension system instead of just adding space between your body and wheels. Speaking of wheels, talk to your mechanic about adding bigger tires to make the most of your added height, and ask for help in the installation if you’re not an experienced car technician.

If you want to shake up or personalize your ride, order one of these six accessories from AutoAnything today.

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