Honesty Is The Best Policy Essay, Story, Paragraph and more

Honesty Is The Best Policy Essay, Story, Paragraph and more

This page consists of different sections for different grades and people. Firstly you can see a short article on the topic “Honesty is the best policy”, then we have a short paragraph that you can freely use for academic purposes. After that we have different essay on honesty is the best policy (i.e: for primary, secondary, and higher secondary students) with quotes, lists, and facts. Finally, at last, an interesting short story for kids.

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Honesty is the best policy

We often use lies from time to time to avoid different difficulties in our life. But after that, we realized that by doing this, we were only buying some time and the truth always comes out.

However, if you will try to be honest your character will become stronger and more powerful, people will always trust you and moreover, you will feel better about yourself.

honesty is the best policy

Why is honesty important for a successful life?

Honesty is the best foundation to build relationships with other people in your society. Because nobody takes care of those people who are always dishonest. Rather than people looking for those who can give them honest advice and always tell them the truth.

As I mentioned before, honesty is the key factor if you really want to build a strong and positive character. So that people also seek your advice and opinion.

Telling a lie is very easy and to be honest, it is very hard. However, if you will always tell the truth without concluding and overthinking about negative outcomes, you will learn to tackle difficult and uncomfortable situations.

Honesty creates strengthening bonds. It is a sign of love that makes you more trustworthy and important, your loved ones know that your motto is honesty is the best policy so when they’re looking for any advice, they come directly to you.

Short Paragraph on Honesty is the best policy

“When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth.” 

Khaled Hosseini

Honesty is the best policy which lets us be honest and truthful in every aspect of our life. It allows us to accept our mistakes and also helps us to be obedient. An honest person always leads a successful life, on the other hand, a dishonest person can get fame and popularity and also he/she can prevent the difficulties of life but it is temporary. A person who lies once, tells more lies again and again which results in big problems. While an honest person always enjoys the fruit of his life. Being honest provides mental peace, that’s why honesty is the best policy.

Essays on Honesty is the best policy for different grades

Underneath are 3 essays for primary, secondary and higher secondary students, you should feel free to use them for academic purposes.

5 lines essay on Honesty is the best policy

  1. Honesty is being truthful.
  2. Honesty is very important in life.
  3. Honesty can help you earn a name above others.
  4. If you are honest you need not be afraid of anyone.
  5. A dishonest person cannot face an honest person.

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200 words’ honesty is the best policy essay

Honesty is a virtue, is an old saying. There must be some situation in our life where we might find ourselves that requires us to tell lies to buy only a little time to avoid troubles. But it is the fact that the truth always comes out! That’s why honesty is the best policy to always be happy in your life. However, being honest is not an easy task, as most people feel comfortable speaking lies every day.

People respect and seek advice from only honest people because they are known to stand by their truth. Those who use lies lose their family, society, and friends since no one loves such people.

If everybody used to be dishonest then this world will become a place of unhappiness. Honesty is the key factor that we all must implement in our life. It gives humans the right path and avoids bad habits. If all of us stay away, our world will become more charming and society will become more successful.

Whatever religion we follow, all these taught us to be honest in every aspect of our life. Whether, if you hurt by supporting the truth, you still have to support it.

Our ancestors used to speak the truth, this proverb definitely reflects their characters. Take the example of the great Ottoman or British empire, they tried to be as honest and trustworthy wherever they ruled.

Hence, honesty is the best policy.

honesty is a virtue

250 words’ honesty is the best policy essay

A wise person named Benjamin Franklin said “Honesty is the best policy”. Honesty is one of the main foundations that make life successful, it is the backbone of a strong relationship with society. A dishonest person can never build a positive character and trustworthy friendship or love. Those people who always speak and support the truth must lead a happy and successful life. Those who always love speaking the truth to their loved ones, society respects them, and those who use lies should get to know that the truth always comes out!

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

Thomas Jefferson

On the other hand, if somebody really wants to stand out in society and want to strengthen character and lead the people, he should start following and supporting the truth. Naturally, people will start following him and seek his advice. For this, we must start this with our family and buddies. Honesty is the most effective way of protecting relationships

A wise person knows it, If I tell a lie to save the situation it will make the situation worse in upcoming days… The truth makes us more powerful and confident in front of other people.

We should always learn to live an honest life, take moral responsibility for whatever we do, whether right or wrong. Dishonesty may reward short term benefits in terms of wealth and power but can ruin the relationships in the long run and can spoil our reputation too. Hence, honesty always gets the ultimate victory.

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Honesty is the best policy | Kids’ Story

It was a bright and fresh day, Sara and Alex were completing their homework. But Alex cannot wait to play on the green ground. Alex cannot wait to finish his homework because he wants to step out for the fresh air! But later he realized that he still needed to complete two whole big pages.

Sara pinned Alex and asked him to complete his homework quickly, however, Alex was too lazy to complete his homework quickly. Then suddenly, Alex got an idea! he decided to hide his book and go out and play., he would finish his homework at night!…

Alex asked his mom: “Can I go outside to play?”

Mom asked Alex: “Have you completed all your work?”

Yes, mom!… Alex replied and lied to his mom, he was feeling nervous. But Mom knew that Alex was not being honest. However, she smiled by opening the door and asked Alex if he had completed his work then he would go outside.

Unfortunately, Alex smiled and rushed to play. Alex was playing higher on the swing and rolling on the grassy ground. Soon it was dinner time, and he munched on a few burgers and also a thick creamy shake. Soon it was night time and every family member was asleep. But now Alex was busy doing his homework, however, he was feeling very tired and bored as it was late at night!

Alex was feeling shamed that he lied to his mother as well and now he was feeling very tired too. Just then Alex’s mother enters the room. She passed a glass of milk to Alex and asked “What’s the matter? What are you doing? Have you not completed your work yet??”

Suddenly, Alex burst up crying and told that he lied and hadn’t finished his homework!. But hopefully, Alex’s mother smiled and helped Alex in completing his work. Alex promised his mother to always be honest.

Mother said: Yes Alex remember! Honesty is truly the best policy

Moral: Always speaks truth, because if you use lies you are just creating many problems for your upcoming time. Saying truth may hurt you for a while, but it makes you feel proud and leads to a happy life.

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Final thoughts

Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.

James E Faust

If you be honest in every step of your life, you will too become inspirational story for other people on why honesty is the best policy. So be honest and be successful…

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