How to Save Money on Facial Cosmetic Procedures

How to Save Money on Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Do you sometimes look at yourself in the mirror and wish you could change a feature- or a couple? Very few people would say with absolute surety that there is not one thing they would change in their faces or bodies if given a chance to do so safely. Some features you may have been born with, others acquired with age or trauma.

The good news is that cosmetic procedures can correct or improve the most superficial issues on your face. However, paying for multiple procedures individually can have you digging deep into your pockets. So, if you are interested in learning how to save money when going for facial procedures, this guide is for you.

Cosmetic Procedures’ Bundles

Should you pay for a cosmetic service one at a time?

In many cases, cosmetic procedures complement each other to give you the appearance you desire. For instance, if you want to attain a youthful look, you may plump your face or lips with filler injections and, at the same time, smoothen fine lines.

So, if you decide to get one procedure at a time, you will end up paying separately, which could be hundreds of dollars extra at the end of it.

Alternatively, you could go for bundles or packages. A cosmetic bundle puts two or three interrelated procedures together and sets one price for them. Bundles are a common method for discounting services for those who buy several at a go.

Why Packages Over Individual Facial Cosmetic Procedures?

The best thing about facial cosmetic bundles is that they save you money big time. Depending on the spa you go to and the specific procedures, you can save anywhere between tens of dollars to a hundred instead of if you were buying individually.

Bundles will save you cash, but that is not the only benefit you stand to get. While you will still get the full benefits of all the procedures, eventually, bundles can help you get there faster. You will be doing multiple procedures concurrently, which means you will be saving time by having sessions together and shortening the recovery period.

Best Cosmetic Combo: Lip Fillers and Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

If you are in Las Vegas and are looking to save money on facial cosmetic procedures, you might want to hear about Sculpt Spa’s lip filler and anti-wrinkle package. The package, worth $1,025, goes for just $899, and you get safe injection treatments for an instant improved facial appearance.


Let’s break down what the package includes:


Wrinkles, which occur due to repeated facial expressions, can make you look and feel old. But there is something you can do about them- laser treatment for wrinkles.


Anti-wrinkle neuromodulators, like Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox, often soften existing wrinkles and stop new ones from forming.

Typical injection areas are:

  • Frown and forehead lines.
  • Crow’s feet.
  • Smoker’s lines around the mouth.
  • “Bunny lines” on the nose.

Lip Filler

One half of the lip filler & antiwrinkle package entails a Restylane Kysse injection. This FDA-approved lip filler gives your pout volume while maintaining its natural flexibility to ensure that movement is not interrupted and that you can still make plenty of facial expressions after the procedure.

Furthermore, a Restylane Kysse injection ensures that your lips attain the shape you have always wanted, great texture, and a nice color.

Sculpt Spa, Las Vegas, uses techniques like “Fencing Technique” and “Russian Lip” to achieve your desired look. You can count on beautiful results, including more than just added volume, better symmetry, shape, and color.

Curious about the duration of the procedure? Our lip injection process lasts 45 minutes to an hour, from start to end, including 15 minutes of topical numbing.

Want to Look More Youthful? Get the Lip Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Facial Bundle at a Discount Today!

If you think of giving your face a lift and new life, cosmetic bundles are incredible because they provide you with value for money. So, whether you stay in Las Vegas or be in town, Sculpt Spa’s package deal is worth a shot. At one price, you can get more youthful lips and facial skin with visible results in days.


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