The most expected NFTs in 2022

The most expected NFTs in 2022

There are a lot of people just looking at the next big opportunity to spend some crypto and hopefully be part of the next big thing that blows up quickly and goes sky-high in terms of prices. Perhaps you are such a person and are looking for what the biggest and most expected NFT drops of 2022 are. Well, don’t worry as we’re here to provide you with the info as to what we think are the best and most worthwhile NFTs that are coming out this year.


Some of them will of course be bigger than others, but hopefully, you’ll be able to choose one from this list that you really like and stick with it while it keeps growing and growing. It isn’t easy to invest in NFTs sometimes, but it’s worth it and we believe these projects will be worth it too.

  • Seoul Stars


Seoul Stars, or as it’s known in South Korea – 서울스타즈 NFT is an incredible new NFT game, jam-packed with reasons for you to try it out and keep playing. From the unique gameplay inspired by rhythm games, to the uniqueness and personality offered by the NFTs available, it’s hard to find a reason not to recommend it. Not only for investing and earning money but also just playing it and having a blast since it really is fun and perfect to burn some time, while also maybe earning some cash along the way. The K-pop theme can be a bit odd for non-stans at first but it might even get you into the music genre itself with how good the soundtrack is.

  • Yubo


Yubo is a live streaming app and one that is helpful for meeting people from different parts of the globe. It’s an amazing app on its own that recently released a batch of NFTs that can be used on the site in any way you want. The reason we believe it’s anticipated despite already releasing is the fact that they announced special bonus features in the future for Yubo NFT owners. This means that if you invest in them now it could pay off big time in the future once all these bonuses are released to the public and more people start wanting to have Yubo NFTs. Good chance to get in on the fun early on right now.

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club


A new coat of paint put on an already amazing collection. The Mutant Ape Yacht Club involves already owning an ape from the collection and using a serum on it which will turn it into a mutant ape that, while somewhat related to the original, is entirely unique itself. Many of these apes can be pricey to buy due to their popularity, but it can be worth doing as their price has been steadily climbing, alongside their popularity. The apes have such a unique feel to them due to the art style and different combinations that it’s basically impossible to make a list of NFTs and not include them somewhere at least.




These are only a couple of the best NFTs available in 2022, but they are our personal favorites for multiple reasons. Whether you’re getting into them for collection purposes or cold hard cash, there’s something to be found for everyone if you play your cards right. No matter what the reason behind your purchase is, we hope that this guide helps you and wish you the best of luck with any trading, buying, or selling you do, including NFTs, especially the ones we have listed here for you.

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