Prodeg: Introduction, Objectives, and Many More

Prodeg: Introduction, Objectives, and Many More

PRODEG is a consulting and management training firm based in Curitiba, Brazil. Engineering, auditing, advising, and other services are available. The firm serves the food and beverage, telecommunications, transportation, and construction industries, among others. What is the location of Prodeg’s headquarters? The headquarters of Prodeg are in Brazil. What is the official website of Prodeg? The official website of Prodeg is How much money does Prodeg make? The revenue of Prodeg is $5 million. What is the SIC code for Prodeg? Prodeg’s SIC code is 87,871. What is the NAICS code for Prodeg? NAICS code for Prodeg is 54133,541. In Prodeg, how many people are employed? Prodeg employs 25 people. What is the tech stack of Prodeg? Prodeg employs the following technologies: Google Global Site Tag, reCAPTCHA, PHP, and Locaweb E-Mail. PRODEG has been producing corporate initiatives in the fields of certification, management, and business education for over 30 years in the business sector. We engage in the cost reduction process, process restructuring, audits, consultancy, and management training to help our customers boost their profitability and efficiency. Based in Curitiba, we provide consulting to medium and large businesses in commerce, industry, and service provision, as well as trade unions and professional groups, throughout the country and Latin America.

Develop tailored solutions for each of our clients using new techniques, always generating goods, services, and results that are consistent with the company’s vision and values, as well as the needs of present and future markets. PRODEG provides quality services based on ethics, transparency, and our ideals to give clients with more efficient and effective strategic and operational results. Furthermore, PRODEG is a firm capable of enhancing its clients’ profitability, even in highly competitive situations, thanks to the expertise and qualifications of its specialists.

Moreover, PRODEG has a strict privacy policy. PRODEG protects personal data processed and managed in the course of its business, as well as the privacy and security of associated holders’ personal data. The General Data Protection Law (LGPD), Law No. 13.709/2018, is aimed at complying with and adapting the Privacy Policy. When PRODEG acts as a personal data controller, this policy applies. When PRODEG serves as an operator, we do so in line with applicable legislation, appropriate data protection standards, and the instructions supplied by the relevant controller. Right of access, correction, resistance to processing, portability, lawsuit before competent authorities, and withdrawal of permission are all rights that data subjects have. Personal data is only collected if it is required for the effective execution of our internal operations and is collected in compliance with the appropriate legal basis.

Objectives of Prodeg

By interviewing the organization’s senior executives, Prodeg assists business owners and entrepreneurs in developing the business objectives essential to meet the organization’s service, social, profit, and growth goals. Talking about a company’s vision allows executives to express where they want the organisation to go. A business objective is a defined, quantifiable, realistic, action-oriented, and time-sensitive statement that, when met, moves the organisation closer to achieving one of its objectives. The business plan is built around the company’s aims and objectives. Business owners may use the same method to set practical goals, objectives, and activities to help their company flourish on their own, but Prodeg can make it easier.

Not only that, but they can also assist you in creating a list of objectives for the company’s long-term ambitions. Long-term goals and objectives are those that are set for three to five years. These could include, in the case of a real estate start-up, sales goals and targets in terms of the number of homes sold or dollars, as well as the establishment of a second office site. Advertising to reach a broader audience would be one strategy for attaining a sales target of 24 houses in the second year of company.

They can assist you in creating a set of short-term targets for each of your business objectives. These are the primary stepping stones you’ll need to cross in order to attain your objective. One-year goals and objectives are referred to as short-term. Obtaining a realtor’s licence, renting office space, and getting a computer and MLS membership, for example, are some short-term objectives if the goal is to begin a real estate firm.

Prodeg can assist you in creating an action plan for each goal. An action plan divides the goal into tiny, doable activities that may be completed in a few days to a week. prodeg may also assist you in putting the strategy into action. Consultants may aid with implementation, such as setting up a virtual office or computer network for the customer.

Prodeg also aims to be the best consultancy firm in its country or region. This company aims to have the best customer service compared to all the other consultancy firms. This company also aims to have a good relationship with its clients and in order to do so, they have hired the best employees and managers to help their clients achieve their business goals.

Analyses and evaluations that are objective. Prodeg acts as an independent third party who does in-depth study and analysis before offering an unbiased view and perspective on challenging challenges and complicated company difficulties. Project management is a term that refers to the process of Prodeg provide hands-on project management and leadership advising, including project implementation, execution, and measurement, to senior leadership and internal project teams.

Specializations and functional expertise Strategy, organisation design, strategic leadership, operations, finance, risk management, digital transformation, information technology, organisational change management, organisation development, human resources, talent management, advertising, and marketing are just a few of the areas where prodeg provide industry counsel, advice, and functional expertise.

Services offered by Prodeg

Prodeg offers a lot of different services including but not limited to certifications, training and courses, networks and franchises, engineering, compliance and culture programs.

  • Certifications

Good managers are challenged in an increasingly globalised environment to urge the business to modernise its administrative processes. Certifications are also useful friends for standardising, consolidating, and leveraging your company. PRODEG uses the greatest tools to help you prepare your organisation for a new era.

  • training and courses

Through PRODEG’s technological know-how, your firm may benefit from a wide range of trainings. Prepare your team by covering a wide range of subjects, from behavioural to technical and complex issues. A well-trained crew produces better results, and you can depend on us to help your company become much more efficient.

  • Networks and franchises

Prodeg’s team of experts is ready to assist you in increasing the value of your company. Many processes are more than necessary; learn about our courses to find out how to optimise your network and franchise administration.

  1. Engineering

Engineering is unquestionably one of the most technical fields. PRODEG provides a variety of services to assist you in controlling all of the elements that affect the success of your projects. To attain excellence in the services you give to your consumers, work with more security, organisation, and compliance.

  1. Compliance

In English, comply implies “to act in accordance with the regulations.” In educational words, compliance entails adhering to all regulations, internal and external controls, as well as all policies and standards created for your company. As a result, compliance is the action of ensuring that the firm completely adheres to all legislative obligations as well as the standards set out by its section.

  1. culture programs

Culture programmes are critical inside a business because they have the ability to influence employee behaviour in an atmosphere that is always striving for improved results. Investing in these procedures is an investment in the company’s future, since it reduces avoidable risks and improves the efficiency and reliability of internal operations.


After reading this article, now you know everything that is related to and about this consultancy firm that is known as Prodeg including but not limited to what is prodeg, what are its objectives and last but not the least, the services that this company offers to businesses. After reading this article, you should be able to identify the importance of this company to your business and how important it is to hire them or even check them out since they can add a lot of value to your business. Furthermore, prodeg is quite ethical in their business.

Prodeg takes organisational security steps, both physically and technically, to ensure that personal data under its control is well-managed. Based on the risk mapping, related protocols, controls, and policies, as well as processes and recommendations to maintain these measures, were designed. Our preventative activities included training, qualification actions, and particular disclosure campaigns for Data Privacy themes, with the goal of disseminating best practises and qualifying our staff.

PRODEG ensures that data subjects can exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. Among these, we’d like to call attention to. The data subject has the right to know whether PRODEG is processing their personal data, as well as the right to access such data.

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