Save Money & Prized Possessions By Installing the Best Anti-Snap Locks

Save Money & Prized Possessions By Installing the Best Anti-Snap Locks

If you’re someone who religiously keeps their doors locked, you might think you’re doing the best you can and keeping your home as safe as it can be… but that’s far from reality. Just locking the door, doesn’t mean that door is impenetrable! Burglars have several tricks up their sleeves to get into your home, and one of the most common ones is lock snapping. 

Lock snapping is a technique used by burglars all over the world to get into homes. They can use tools as simple as a screwdriver and hammer to snap your locks in half within seconds! The technique is easy, so almost anyone can do it, and it’s virtually silent, so chances are, they can snap your lock, get in the home, grab what they came for, and be gone before you even notice they were ever there! 

This doesn’t mean that all locks are useless and that you just can’t do anything at all to protect your home. You can! You just need the right locks to do it!

How are anti-snap locks safer than regular locks?

The most commonly used locks in the world are euro-cylinder locks. For the most part, they get the job done just fine. However, they do not stand a chance against lock snapping. 

In euro-cylinder locks, the main cylinder is made out of two pieces that come together and connect down the middle. This means that if a burglar tries to snap the lock, they’ll apply pressure to the middle and it will immediately “snap” in half. When it does, the entire locking mechanism falls apart and the lock disassembles, giving them free access to your home!

Anti-snap locks were made to combat this problem! Instead of the cylinder being in one piece, it’s made in three equal pieces. The locking mechanism is in the center piece, which is one solid section so even if significant force is applied to it, the cylinder would break into three pieces, separating from the center piece and leaving the locking mechanism in place! That way, the burglar will have a lock that’s broken, yet completely in place! 

How can I check if my lock is an anti-snap?

If your locks are fairly new, chances are, you already have anti-snap locks! If you’re not sure if you have them or not, don’t worry, you don’t have to pull apart your entire lock to figure it out! Anti-snap locks come with a Sold Secure ( SS312 ) Diamond Standard Approval. This means that the lock has gone through vigorous testing and has passed all rounds of it. Once it has, a 3-Star Kitemark Logo will be engraved on it, on both the front and backside of the lock. The logo might not be the exact same on each lock, but you’ll be able to see a version of it on the lock if it is an approved anti-snap lock.

Can anti-snap locks be installed on any doors?

A general rule of thumb is to have a strong lock, on a strong door. If you have a hallow center door, or one that’s made out of weak glass, a super-strong lock isn’t going to be of much help. If the burglar wants to get in, they can do it by easily breaking through the center of your door anyway! Strong locks work best on doors that are strong too. So anything like a solid wood door or a solid metal door would be a great door to put an anti-snap lock on for extra security! If you’re not sure which anti-snap lock would work for the doors in your home, instead of just experimenting with random locks, call a Locksmith NYC, or a locksmith in your area to come check the doors for you! They’ll be able to recommend the right locks and install them too!

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