The Different Fields of Law That Exist in Today’s Modern World:

The Different Fields of Law That Exist in Today’s Modern World:

As the world is evolving, branches of other fields are starting to expand as well. The legal industry is no different from any other field. As a matter of fact, the legal industry is one of those sectors which will always be needed; the reason is, law and order will always be needed as long as human civilization exists.

As the world has progressed as a whole, so has the need for lawyers. A very common example is the need for corporate lawyers. Countless businesses are now operating globally and this number is only expected to rise; regardless of whether a business is operating physically or online. There will always be certain business rules to be followed in order to ensure ethical business practices. Another example would be the demand for divorce lawyers. The divorce rate has risen globally and with it, so has the need to engage qualified divorce lawyers who can make this difficult process a lot easier.

It’s important to understand the different sub-fields of law in order to know what kind of lawyer to engage in any specific situation.

The different types of lawyers that are practicing within the legal sector have been listed in this article:

1. Bankruptcy Lawyers:

There are 2 subdivisions within the bankruptcy field; consumer & commercial. As the names suggest, consumer bankruptcy is related to individuals who are creditors and must pay any form of money to another individual or corporation (for example, a bank). In a commercial setting, organizations can be either debtors or creditors. If an individual or business is in debt and does not have any funds to pay it off, they would have to declare bankruptcy, and a lawyer would have to be engaged.

2. Corporate Lawyers:

Corporate Lawyers are equipped to handle business matters and generally, represent corporations in legal lawsuits. Business lawyers are involved by businesses to ensure that any work that takes place is compliant with ethical business practices as well as local and federal laws.

3. Tax Lawyers:

Tax lawyers can be engaged by both, individuals and corporations. They ensure that all taxation-related activities are compliant with the law of the state.

4. Constitutional Lawyers:

Constitutional lawyers are lawyers that specialize in the implementation of governmental laws and hence, are engaged by governments to implement laws for the general public. As is their ethical duty, they are responsible for ensuring the interest of the general public as well as the government.

5. Estate Planning Lawyers:

Trusts, wills, and property successions are typically handled by estate planning lawyers. In exchange for their services, they ensure that all property successions are performed correctly and comply with state and federal laws.

6. Employment Lawyers:

As the name suggests, Employment lawyers operate within the area of employment relationships. This often involves dealing with employers, employees, and worker unions. They are usually engaged to handle conflicts within organizations as well as ensure that all employment practices are within the bounds of state regulations. Worker compensation also falls in this category.

7. Criminal Defense Lawyers:

Crime exists in today’s world; whether it is physical in nature or a cybercrime. Criminal lawyers are engaged by individuals who have been accused of a certain crime or felony. They are bound to represent their victims to either reduce their sentences or prove their innocence altogether (if that is the case) within the boundaries of state laws.

8. Entertainment Lawyers:

These types of lawyers are typically engaged by celebrities, artists, and athletes, to name a few. They protect the intellectual property (IP) of their clients while bearing their best interests in mind.

9. Family Lawyers:

Family lawyers generally handle all aspects of familial matters. These range from divorces (and their settlements) to child adoption. There are many branches within family law.

10. Immigration Lawyers:

Immigration lawyers are responsible for immigrating individuals from one country to another. They ensure all requirements to work, study, and even live in the country are met.

11.  IP Lawyers:

Intellectual property lawyers protect the interest of their clients who have created something of their own. This can be inventors, artists, and even businesses. Typically, entertainment lawyers and corporate lawyers specialize in the protection of IPs as well.

12. Personal Injury Lawyers:

One of the most widely-practiced fields of law, personal injury lawyers protect victims who have experienced injuries due to another person or organization’s negligence. This can be in the form of car accidents, premises liability, and workplace negligence, to name a few.

The size of the global legal services market is expected to reach $788.94 Billion by the end of 2022. This shows just how vast the legal industry is. Understanding the different fields of law is crucial in order to engage the right lawyer for the situation you might find yourself in. If you ever need more guidance on the different fields of law, don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert for advice.

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