Are You a Survivor of Sexual Abuse? Call an Assault Lawyer Immediately

Are You a Survivor of Sexual Abuse? Call an Assault Lawyer Immediately

If you were abused as a child but made the discovery in counseling, you have a short window of time to file a claim. In most cases, victims have three years to file a lawsuit from the date the discovery of abuse was made. However, variations exist, depending on the state and jurisdiction. That is why you need to consult with a lawyer without delay.

To better understand your rights, you need to contact someone in the legal profession who understands everything there is to know about securing damages for victims of childhood sexual abuse or assault. They must have a strong background in providing these types of legal services, but they also must have a winning record.

The Information You’ll Need to Give to an Assault Lawyer

As noted, time is of the essence in filing a claim. So, it is in your best interest to contact an assault lawyer immediately. To register a claim online, you’ll need to provide specific details. This information should tell the lawyer where the sexual abuse happened (church, youth organization, school, university, or other) if you or someone else was the victim when the abuse occurred, and the crime location (the state where the abuse took place).

When the attorney receives this information, they will give you further details about your claim’s status. If you get the go-ahead, you’ll need to provide more proof of your physical and psychological injuries. This information will calculate the compensation that you’re rightfully due.

For example, you may have paid for medical expenses that had to do with the abuse. These costs might include treatments for soft tissue injuries – bruising, lacerations, or abrasions. Some victims may require compensation for their money for rehab and counseling. A lawyer will consider any costs that came out of your pocket that resulted from the abuse.

In some instances, the organization where the abuse occurred will try to file bankruptcy to get out of paying for the claim. If this applies to you, you need to speak to an attorney to see what recourse you can take to receive damages.

A sexual abuse attorney who is highly skilled and experienced can help you navigate through the courts and direct you down a path where you will receive relief, both emotionally and financially.

Filing a Civil Claim for Sexual Assault

When you file a civil lawsuit, it generally requires that the perpetrator or the organization or school they worked for compensate you for damages. In this type of filing, you are listed as the plaintiff while the other party is listed as the defendant.

Your lawyer will assist you in filing a complaint to request the court award you compensation for pain and suffering, therapy, lost earnings, or the inability to make a living. In some cases, a lawyer may request punitive damages (to punish the defendant).

You may file a suit against the perpetrator and their employer. If the employer allowed the incident to go on and did not take action or knew that the defendant was not safe, they, too, should be held accountable.

Typically, a child sexual assault lawyer will seek damages from third parties such as churches, daycare centers, or schools where those in charge are responsible for screening adults who work with or supervise children.

What You Receive in Compensation is Dependent on the Strength of Your Case

In many cases, a lawyer can settle a civil suit before it reaches the courtroom or even before a claim is filed. The amount of compensation you receive is dependent on the strength of your case (the type of evidence you’ve gathered), the kind of abuse, and the ability of the other party to pay for the amount assessed for damages.

Because this type of lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit, you don’t have to pay your lawyer unless they settle your claim and you receive a settlement. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying high legal costs upfront. You’ll give your attorney a percentage of the claim amount after you’re awarded compensation.

Call a Lawyer Today

Are you a survivor of childhood sexual abuse? If so, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Don’t allow the time in which you can file a claim slip away. Take action to receive the compensation you deserve right away.

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