8 Unique Real Estate Postcard Ideas to Boost Your Recognition

8 Unique Real Estate Postcard Ideas to Boost Your Recognition

In a fast-paced world where many things are groping for our attention, it has become increasingly important for brands and businesses to stand out lest they are easily disregarded. The use of postcards in real estate has been a tried and tested method used for many years. These little one-page mailings are usually sent to cultivate leads or farm a listing.

However, considering the number of postcards that are sent out to the masses, it can become easy for your mail to be pushed aside. Especially if it’s not professional looking or does not grab the attention of the clients.  There are many ways to draw the attention of your target audience to the postcards. These may include the use of interesting facts or surprising elements, using a unique print, having attention-grabbing images, and displaying lucrative offers and gifts.

There are many ways to increase visibility with your real estate postcards and some prime examples to do so include:

Agent Introduction card:

The first tip to having good real estate postcards is having an agent introduction card. This is especially important if you are just starting and the people in that neighborhood you are targeting do not know about you. It may also be good for when you are switching careers or adding a real estate agent as a side career. This way, people will know who you are, who you work under, and what exactly you do.

Be sure to include your contact information clearly although this should ideally be included in every postcard you send out. You can also include your company logo and the tagline that you use. These branding elements should also remain consistent in subsequent postcards so that your brand is easily recognizable to your target audience.

 Open House:

These types of postcards are excellent when you are doing an open house campaign and you want people to know about it. Through this method, you can be able to increase the number of attendees at your open house event. It is advisable to use attractive images of what they may expect with a few descriptions of the house. This way, you will be able to capture their attention and raise the curiosity of the readers.

 Bank-owned postcards:

Real estate postcards under this category will be great for showing property that was not sold under foreclosure by banks. It will also help you show the potential clients how you can help them acquire the property if they so wish through the legalities that are involved.  These properties tend to have low-interest rates and lower down payments although finalizing the property may take a while longer.

Just –listed postcards:

As the name suggests, this real estate postcard will inform the readers of the properties that have just been listed. The postcards are mostly informational and tend to target unique, vintage, or luxury houses that your target market will find intriguing. The advantage of these just-listed postcards is that they can act as a referral chain of their own. This way, even if the first recipient is not looking to buy a house, they will have a contact in mind when anyone asks them where to get a property or house through you.

Free offer postcards:

With these types of real estate postcards, you can be able to pass the information on some complimentary services that you are offering. It may be a free home analysis or anything else you can give for free without incurring incredible losses. The advantage of this strategy is that it will attract a lot of clients looking to receive risk-free information or gist that you are offering:

Informational postcards:

These types of postcards veer off from the conventional postcard since it is not directed to sellers and buyers directly. Instead, it offers information about the local area or some other area of specialty. This can be a great way to break the monotony of pitching property sales and instead infusing some fun to your company.  You also get to be remembered more easily especially when your tips are relevant and presented engagingly.

Just sold postcards:

These types of real estate postcards can have two functions. One is that they show the legitimacy of your business because people are buying from you. The other thing is that they appeal to those who are seeking to sell their house to show them that you are capable of selling their house and do so quickly and legitimately. They will therefore want to reach out to you to help them sell their home.

Rental postcards:

Rental real estate postcards are aimed at targeting renters who are looking to move into their own spaces.  You can be able to give them your contact and area of expertise with the knowledge that should they consider buying a home of their own, you will be there to help.


Real estate postcards are a definite game-changer in the real estate marketing landscape. With patience, determination, and the right mailing partner, you will soon be able to have more leads and sales on your agent record.

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