Common Stone Types Used To Build Homes In India

Common Stone Types Used To Build Homes In India

With the increasing population, the number of households is increasing too in India. There are thousands of constructions happening in our everyday lives, and we all have become habituated. We see thousands of houses around us; some are well built, some are not, some are huge in shape, some are small. Lots of raw materials don’t make any sense to us, but it does make sense when the labourers make a structure out of it. It becomes our home.

There are some common types of stones that construction labourers use to build a home in India. Here we will be elaborating on the types of stones in detail. We will also throw some light in defining what Pro Stone is, how it is different from natural stones, and why we should use it.

1. Basalt and Trap:

They are specific types of stones that originate from igneous rock. The uses of Basalt and Trap are the same as granite. These stones are used in many construction works, including the construction works of building a home. They are mainly used to retain the walls.

2. Limestone and Gneiss:

Both are important to build a home. Limestone is used as a base material in cement. It is also used for roofing as well as flooring. Similarly, many construction labourers use Gneiss to build a floor.

3. Marble and Slate:

Marble and Slate, both types of stones, are metamorphic rocks. Marble is used mainly for the flooring of households. It is also used for ornamental purposes and facing works. Slates are used for roofing purposes. They could be used for damp-proofing flooring too.

4. Pro Stone:

Pro Stone aims to produce an environment-friendly stone that could be used for building a home. It is a creative effort that can bring a meaningful environment. It provides high-quality architectural stone products with natural textures. Unfortunately, natural stones such as Marbles, Slates, Limestones are heavy and not at all eco-friendly; they harm the environment.

On the contrary, pro stone products are light; they are not heavy like natural stones. As a result, it is easier to use them. They have temperature-reducing properties as well. The appearance and colour of these stones last for a long time too. Therefore, we can say that it is an effort to preserve nature as much as possible.


We have been using natural stones to make our households for a long time. We all are aware that our environment is at risk, and the immense use of natural stones can also harm the environment. We all know that it is time we start to protect nature in every possible way.

Earlier, we did not have a choice, we did not have an alternative option, but now we have. The initiative of Pro Stone can help all of us bring a change, more perfectly bring a positive and needed change. To know more about this topic, be sure to conduct a thorough research on various online platforms.

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