The Pros And Cons Of Sleep Divorce

The Pros And Cons Of Sleep Divorce

What is sleep Divorce?

Divorce divided up couples into two separate beds, each of which sleeps in different bedrooms. You might have family or friends that practiced sleep division for years; however, they did not have a specific name for it. Some couples engage in constant sleep division, while others only practice it a few times a year, maybe once a month. Sleep Divorce is different from marriage sleep division.

  • Sleep Apnea

Asleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea is when the pauses in breathing during sleep are very long and are random. The spouse often snores and wakes up gasping for air. These unusual silences interrupt normal breathing several times a night. This causes the partner to go into a deep sleep or to stay awake throughout the entire night. There is no set limit on how many times the partner has a pause in breathing.

  • Low Body Temperature of Your Partner

The main cause of this disorder is when one partner has a naturally low body temperature. The body does not require as much energy during the night as normal; thus, a person will remain awake for longer periods due to lack of sleep. As a result, the partner will wake up more often to compensate for their lack of sleep, resulting in falling asleep even when they are not having a good night’s sleep. They do not realize that they are not getting a good night’s sleep. They start breathing heavily and have periods where they cannot breathe at all. The person will then stop breathing for a few moments and then start breathing again.

But Sleep apnea is one of the reasons. Still, couples practice Sleep Divorce intentionally to have a quality tile for themselves without caring about the other person’s sleeping habit. So what are the pros and cons of a sleep divorce?

One of the possible solutions to sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder is melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body to promote a healthy sleep cycle. Sometimes people might induce more melatonin to sleep better .since there is no definitive dosage of safe melatonin level, there might be side effects of melatonin or melatonin overdosage. Melatonin Overdose symptoms might be disruption of your normal circadian rhythm and thus leads to sleep disruptions. Other Melatonin overdose symptoms include

  •         Nausea
  •         Headaches
  •         Anxiety
  •         Depression
  •         Diarrhea
  •         Joint Pain
  •         Dizziness
  •         Abdominal Cramps

  • The Pros and cons

The pros and cons of sleep divorce may not seem all that significant to some couples when they first hear about it. After all, it means dividing up the time you spend in bed with your spouse and going to bed at different times. The cons are a bit more complicated than that. They include such things as health concerns and financial considerations. The good news is that there are ways to make this option more palatable for both partners.

The Pros Of A Sleep Divorce

Ø Better Sleep

For instance, one of the pros to this type of arrangement is that you get the chance to have a much better night’s rest. The lack of sleep can lead to a variety of health issues. The lack of sleep may even lead to depression, which can itself cause health problems. Sleep deprivation can also make it difficult to concentrate during the day and lead to more frequent migraines.

Going without rest can be dangerous as well. You may end up being tired the next day and not be able to function properly. This can affect your job or school performance and even cause relationships with family members or friends. There is also some evidence that this type of sleeping arrangement may increase the likelihood of divorce. It can be not easy to adjust to not being able to caress each other every night physically.

Ø Dealing with stress

If you are having trouble dealing with the stress of one’s own life, and you know that you want a serious relationship, sleep divorce may be the answer. It allows you to separate your mind from your feelings. It lets you get some shut-eye while you concentrate on solving the issues that are weighing down your relationship. While it does not offer the cure-all that many would hope for, it can certainly help you work through some issues.

The Cons of a Sleep Divorce

Ø Lack of intended intimacy

However, the cons are not entirely bad. One of them is that one or both partners may become too attached to the snooze button on their cell phones. This can lead to arguments over the breakup or the time spent sleeping together. It can also lead to reduced intimacy in general, especially between couples who do not have much sex at all. Of course, this is all the more likely if the person sleeping with the person being divorced has already chosen to break up with their partner.

Ø Serious relations expects more sleep time together

Those who are not interested in a serious relationship may find it much easier to sleep with one another. It is not uncommon for one person to sleep with several people at once, often multiple times during the night. If you and your loved one are open about your relationship, you will probably be okay with sleeping together.

Ø Potential Loss of Privacy

You must either share your room with your spouse or have someone else sleep in the same room as you do. Unless you are both able to live separately, this cannot be easy. The lack of privacy can also make for a restless night, especially if children are in the home. This is why it may be preferable to find another solution.

Amidst all these about sleep divorce and its pros and cons, the main factor is sleep. And sleep requires an optimal temperature to blossom. According to experts, the best temperature for sleep is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.3 Degree Celsius.

This is because our body goes through various temperature cycles the whole day, known as circadian rhythm. But while we go to sleep, our body begins to emit heat. It continues to cool till it reaches its lowest point at 5.AM.and if the temperature of the body at that time is too warm or chilled, it might affect the lowering of your`s body internal temperatures and lead to disruptive sleep.


The pros and cons of sleep divorce are similar to those associated with early and traditional methods of letting go of one’s marital vows. Conclusion: there is a potential for greater opportunity for intimacy while giving each other the needed space to heal. If the relationship has moved to the point where a marriage might be in danger, it is best to work out any issues maturely and respectfully. Sleep early can be a great alternative to traditional methods if you are looking for that special way to let go. While it may not give you the peace you might think, it can certainly be a good idea for those who don’t feel the pull of sleeping alone.



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